Frequently Asked Questions

There are 5 private rooms with beds to sleep 15 people. We offer 4 Standard Rooms and 1 Deluxe Suite. The 4 rooms share 3 common baths, and the Deluxe Suite has a private bath and sitting area.
We are an ideal venue for wedding parties to relax and prepare for the big day, family reunions, seminars, meetings and retreats.

What about the fully-equipped  kitchen?
Come and take advantage of the always spotless, fully equipped kitchen. You will find oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, numerous spices, dish soap, foil, wrap, wax paper, pots and pans, plates, dishes, flatware, glasses, sharp cooking knives and various utensils for you to use.

Shared bathrooms?
You will have use of the 3 shared baths located on both the 1st and 2nd floors.

We know how complicated it’s gotten to take toiletries along; so in the baths we provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste. Brands currently featured are Dr. Bronners or Trader Joe’s.

What is life like at the Lodge on Orcas Island?
At the Lodge we endorse slow living, voluntary simplicity and a love and respect for nature. For instance, instead of a garbage disposal you’ll find a compost bucket. We got rid of the microwave and put in a toaster oven. Rather than blaring televisions you will find four burbling aquariums.
So rather than electronic blather, the sounds you can expect to hear are the trickling of water, bird song, the breeze whispering through the trees, nocturnes by Chopin, ballads by Diana Krall. Our aesthetic is informed by the American Arts and Crafts movement. Though not a museum, you will notice many craftsman inspired touches throughout the house and adjoining property.

What is the nature of the indoor environment?
We emphasize cleanliness. Allergy sufferers, the chemically sensitive and those who simply don’t care to be assaulted by caustic fragrances will appreciate that we use only naturally scented soaps and cleansers for the laundry and household. The house always smells fresh and clean.

What are the grounds like? 
The Lodge is recognized by Washington State as a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary.The grounds are green and manicured and the fruit orchard boasts 23 trees. Under the towering conifers you’ll find a huge log picnic table, complementary charcoal barbecues and outdoor lounge furniture.

If it is respite you are seeking, you’ve come to the right place. Put your ambitions aside and head for one of the several Pawley’s Island Presidential cotton rope hammocks hanging beneath the Western Red Cedars.


Come………… study the art of the hammock.